Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chains & Moschino

Letters To Juliet, the perfect romance movie to watch with my special someone. A gentleman he was treating me like a lady despite my andro look on a sat nite. He really pampered me too much. Too much dat he'll bring me anywhere i wish to go. His honesty and 'willing to do anything for me' really moved me. We spent hours babbling nonsence, getting to noe each other better brought us to another level of comfort. His face compressed against mine made our lips connected. His smooth delicate skin and the scent from his neck down his body seemed to be my latest addiction. He hugged me tight to sleep under the covers and our legs tangled. As my eyes opened, i gazed upon his 'baby face'; so cute yet innocent biting on a blanket juz like a new born baby, I juz can't get enough. All i could wish for was for time to slow down. No more words can describe how i really felt cos it almost seemed like a dream; the sweetest dream of my life.

p.s. Thnx a million n i'm startin to miss u already RL! - XOXO

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A trully heart-warming Disney's 2010 latest creation that can't be missed. Toy Story 3, a phenomenal sequel that brings laughter and sorrow all in one. A plot so brilliant, it builds up the element of suspence and climax. Teamwork, trust and loyalty; the only jackpot you'll find. So dun ever think of leaving your seat or blink an eye cos these vibrant atmostphere and unique new characters will sure to blow your mind! So wat your waiting for? Grab your ticket now!

Rating: 5 Stars

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Friday, June 25, 2010


 Photography: Self Portait

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It seems like i'm addicted to that special someone. So addictive dat the first thing that came to mind as i woke up was HIM. It's been a while since i felt this way till he came into the picture painting the most perfect smile on my face. Last nite we felt so comfortable dat it got us talking for hours. I love the sound of his voice as he talked so close to my ears; so soothing yet seductive. Guess wat, he can actually sing! The sweetest part is dat he dedicated a song, "Bob - Nothing On You" specially for me which happens to be one of my current favs. I'd consider myself lucky to be able to noe him a lil deeper n can't wait to see him again!

p.s. I'm starting to miss you RL n btw, i still owe u sumthin! *smiles cheekily -XOXO

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

and i was treated like a PRINCESS!

Wat a splendid saturday nite partying wif someone SPECIAL! He's really sweet and noes how to treat me well. A cutie and not to mention, gentleman; total plus points! Dirty dancing yet again and i love every second of it. It was da happiest nite of my life and i'm starting to miss him.


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I met a whole crew of creative ppl. It was nice getting to noe ppl from different background. We had a shoot and i was the makeup artist for the day. I totally had a splendid time at the studio. Next, we headed to a japanese restaurant at Cuppage. Afterwards we headed to PLAY for some party and loads of drinks. Thnx so much guys for everything. Appreciated every single bit from the necklace to the desserts to dinner and drinks. I'm so lookin forward to workin wif you guys in future!

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Friday, June 18, 2010


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We're invited to an event at Powerhouse on mon nite. Ironic, i noe! As always, gotta look my very best for any occasion. I was dressed in stripe leotard, white tutu and my killer heels of cos. Music was not dat bad but most of the time i find it quite hilarious cos i've found myself to be in an UNDERAGE PARTY!? How's dat? Wat the heck, i came to party wif my frens. Enjoy these photos!

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Monday, June 14, 2010


It's saturday n we were at GAY CITY! I'm dressed in black shreded jacket wif a simple black dress not forgettin in ponytails. Feelin avant garde juz like in miley cyrus' latest video. Chillin out a wif a couple of frens at Tantric; it was fun! Headed to play for more dancin and fun. It was a crazy nite i swear n u dun wanna noe wat happened. Anyway, enjoy the photos!


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