Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ur so not gonna believe wat dad brought home. Designer shoes from D&G, Y3, CK, Diesel & loads loads more! Here's a sneak peak. Dun hate me, i'm juz lucky!

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it's VOGUELICIOUS bitch!

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Damn, was a hell of a nite last nite, i swear! Vogue performed gr8 at Attica!! Then, i changed to my 'swimmer ballerina' outfit wif fishnet n my killer boots. Gotta love it cos i look like a gal! Basically everyone was drunk except for izzy n me. I'm juz high on dance dats all. Dancing on podium at attica. Freakshow; splits n extension everywhere. I was so so hyped that the crowd loves us.

Went to Fashion Bar n i dominate the dancefloor. I so love the attention! One guy flirted with me while i was dancin. Feel like a party animal in states i tell u. Sashay everywhere arnd dat area like i'm in a runway show. I got ppl askin me, "Are you a guy or a gal?" n some even said i'm pretty. Yay me! So far, it's the best clubbing experience ever!! So so had fun with Vogue, Andreas and my MKA twin!! Let's do it again soon!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

VOGUE at Carnival Attica!

Stylists! Models! Famous People! Celebrities! Professionals! Expatriates! Is that you??? Gear up for a night of celebration with crazy costumes. Carnival Attica, the bi-annual theme party is back to celebrate Attica's 5th Anniversary.

What to expect: Exclusive performance from Singapore's Male Pussycat Dolls aka Voguelicious

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CASTING (uncalled for)

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Wanna noe wats the twist!? Aint it obvious!? It's Adit's new haircut. Duhhh... Super duper short!! But i still love it though... cute n boyish look!! Oh so happy 2 finally see him again. Hangin out at our fav spots juz the 2 of us. Oh btw, Happy Workin love!! XOXO

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Yohji Yamamoto

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

smooth sailing

Glad, relieved i must say. Mid point review was kinda nervous for me initially, scared i'll stammered which i always do. Dat's the reason why i hate presentations! Anyways, it turned out well i guess. Good job team! Staying the entire time for like 8 teams to present is like so dreadful! I've just completed my ppt slides for this fri's model casting. Hoping to see a gr8 response. I hope... So, be there or be squared!

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Model Casting at RP

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the hapPENINGs

Guess wat!? My hols comin up next wk for but only for 2 weeks. Bet i'll be bz with my FYP, yet again. Gotta shop for fabrics n start constructing my garment. Haven't you heard? Adit's gonna cut his hair in a few hrs time due to Raoul. He's back in biz! Gosh, i so gonna miss the real MKA look!! ahhh.

Anyways, skul was alrite, mundane n blah blah blah. Went to Attica for dry rehearsal. Gonna perform this sat. Better come! Glad everything's done; blockings and choreo. Final prac on thurs. Super fun time with Vogue; non stop laughter i swear. Head feels giddy now! *ouch

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gotta Have It!

Clothes, clothes, clothes and more clothes. Told myself, i had enuf but i can't say NO. Very tempting. I went there again like at 7-nish n got myself 6 more clothes. HBT!? Hate me more cos i got em at 1 buck each again. I got a pink shorts, brown sleevless top, red tube skirt, ladies pants (MNG), mod dress (Zara Woman) n faded black bomber jacket. I'm so lucky! Now there's like not enuf storage space left in my wardrobe. Damn... So, what shd i wear tmr ey!?

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

so gonna HATE us!

OMG, u won't believe wat MKA got 2day. 8 blazers i tell u!! Super duper absolutely cheap bargains, like 1 buck each!? Amazing rite? i noe! I got a black military blazer with gold buttons, navy blue & white stripe high waist cum blazer and a lime green blazer. HBT!? so totally love it. Dun hate us guys!! which i'm sure u will. We so noe the real deal. Anyways, spent the entire day hangin out wif fadlie, jazz n fauzi at town. Oh ya, n met my sexy bitch, MEL. Love u bitch! xoxo

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Hello BZ!

Juz got a call from izzy regarding certain updates. Pretty excited for it. Starting from Sun onwards. I'll be bz i guess. Wish me luck!

Sat: Meet Izzy & Adit (City Hall, 3.30pm)
Sun: Meeting with fyp mates (Starbucks Fullerton, 4pm)
Tues: Dance rehearsal (Underground, 5pm)
Wed: FYP Mid Point Review
Thurs: Model casting for fyp (E25A, 5pm)
Sat: Vogue performance (Attica, time unknown)

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Friday, May 22, 2009


Thnx Baby Fad for this vid. I certainly love it. Love their style, groove and vogue! No kidding, they dance in heels. Hbt! On btw, enjoy!!

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impressed much!?

Lasalle fashion show was wat i expected to see. Very classy, looked a like a real fashion show u see on tv. Love the models, mostly caucasion; super hot and tall. Some aren't supposed to be there like the chinese and tranny looking? So uncalled for. Compliments to the garments made by the students. Really impressed! Fabrics, colours n texture well scored. Went to the exhibition rooms. We saw Nad on one of the photographs. Real cute. Had some buffet, gosh it's tempting and sinful not for me but for Adit. Had a chat with the petite Nad. Love ur dress gal! Flaunt it baby! Was hell of a nite. Loves it!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Luke for Toni & Guy

I'm finally done with the editing of this shoot. Take a look at my Flickr!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Make It Work!

Gosh, i'm gonna be real bz for my FYP i tell u. My team's fashion show will be on 13th Aug. It's gonna be a blast i can tell as we're doin on Fashion Futurologist. I'm so done with my final 2 sketches and i'm gonna hav Adit & Tashah to be my models. Only have like 2 mths plus 2 make my garments work. So excited cos my genre is ROCK!! Fashion forward cum Avant Garde baby! I Like! Btw, thnx so much Adit for ur help! Tmr's gonna be fun i hope; Wearable Tech class and Laselle Grad Show.

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Baby Adit sleptover my place last nite. As always, we're super duper crazy when we're arnd each other. Movies wif food on the bed. "Coklat Stoberi" is sexy. Love it!! Esp when comes to that hot actor. I WANT!! Out of nowhere, it came to my mind bout sth EVIL i tell u!! Not everytime i'm being this evil but for once, it felt fun. I'll give u a clue: SPAWN. Whatever it is, it's for the sake of fun n laughter. Love us more!!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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Monday, May 18, 2009


New shoot updates:
Go, go! Check em out!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

MKA sunday!

OMG! i so love the shoot today on love and lust!! They turned out really well thnx 2 my kuz, DD. So cant wait to process it ASAP!! Gosh, they weather this afternoon was freakin unbearable. The sun was glaring on our faces, melting i swore!! Of cos, adit n i work so well together in the shoot!! MKA, wat can i say!?!? After shoot, juz hang out in town with Adit. We walked, talked n bitch bout whoever dat juz passed by. So like Gossip Girls, i noe rite! Basically, i had fun, fun n more fun with my best friend! Tmr skul.. shucks!!

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Pinkdot was alright, we came in Pink to support the event. The crowd was insane and they love us. Photo-taking session afterwards, kinda tiring though. Sweating like crazy i must say. So unglam. Anyways, we all had fun. I remember a fan asking me, "Do you always look this hot?" n i said "NO". Btw, thnx adit for the makeup!

Went to have dinner at bugis and went Supper Club to watch izzy perform his solo act. It was gr8 as always! Really love it with the shiny silver stickers we pasted on his outfit. Tmr's gonna be a big day cos i'm helpin out my kuz in his skul assignment shoot which is on Love/Lust. Me & Adit gonna be the models. Gonna be exciting i must say. Let's work it!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Geared Up!

Omg, we'll be performin in a few hrs time. Kinda excited yet nervous at the same time. Juz hope we'll get a good spot to perform dats all and hopefully the sound system gonna work well. Anyways, prac was super tiring and i'm so ready to perform. Do come down to support ya!
P.S. Thnx Adit for droppin by. Love u so so much!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

show some LOVE!

Show your love and support for VOGUELICIOUS at pinkdot!

Venue: The field at Hong Lim Park
Date: May 16, Sat
Time: 5pm
Dresscode: Pink

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

so MKA!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mel Oh Mel!

Class was pretty alrite, i was like the main model for my team's photography lesson. Kinda odd to see 4 of em presenting photos of me. LOL. Head to FYP meeting afterwards. Lots to do by thurs... Ahhh!! Str8 after i head to dance prac. Was tiring but i managed the choreo juz more prac n i'll do good.

Mel called me when i was in the gents changin, i met her at Raffles Mac. Kissed dat bitch twice on the lips. I love her to pieces. Pretty much, she completed my story for the day. Glad we talked for a lil n bitch as usual. Btw bitch, work the hair show later ok!! Final words: i love her, i love her, i love her!!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Body Talk

Here's a collage i've combined from the shots my frens took during Photography module in class today. The theme was Body Language and we gotta make use of silhouette to convey it.

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I wanna let u noe dat i'll still be there for u no matter what happens. I dun ever wanna see or hear u cry in front of me ok. Things happen for a reason. I noe we both deserves better. We're MKA remember?? I so can't wait for the day when both of us will be happily attached. For now, i'm juz glad dat i have someone who's close to me. Dats all i ever needed. LOVE U SO MUCH ADIT! XOXO

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Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm so gonna hav a hectic week ahead. School, dance, FYP. Wat else... OMG! Hope i'd survive this week. Vogue performin this sat at PINKdotSG. I still have post production for the recent shoot which needs to be done real soon. OMG wat can be worst is dat my hair is so freakin short. I repeat SHORT!! i'm dying... where's my prince charming? I think i'm being too dramatic rite? Anyways, wish me luck!!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh Mother

It's Mother's Day and i dint get anything for my mum. Thought I juz wish her and kiss her on her cheeks. Went out with my folks and sisters for some BBQ gathering with some relatives. Was pretty fun as everyone was there. Damn, can't stand the heat the earlier part of the day, feels like in Sahara Desert or sth. Filling my stomach was like the usual thing i did for the entire day.

Anyways, let's get back to my mum. If u must noe, she's my hot mama! Even at the age of 43, she still look radiant and young. Prolly dats how i got my looks from. Hehe. She's my everything basically. The most important person in my life. Without her, i wouldnt be right here typing this blog entry . She's all a kid could ever ask for. With that, i couldnt stop loving her. I LOVE U SO MUCH MUMMY! XOXO

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oh so HIGH!

Phew, i'm really really satisfied and happy with the shoot 2day with the rest of the models. OMG, we tot it'll end like at 4 but ended up at 7. HBT!?!? Freakin long day at the academy from 10 in the morn but i bet all of us had fun. No doubt i see potentials in the shoots we've took so far. Next Stop, POST PRODUCTION! Felt so restless after the shoot's done. I've editted the best solo shot from the gals. Juz testing it out 1st. Dateline's at the end of this mth, so yea i have time for editting. Bet u guys can't wait to see the shoot rite? I'll update it soon, not to worry.

Oh btw, THNX THNX THNX again Nad, Tashah, Mel, Raliff, Janice, Adit for helpin me out with this shoot. Appreciate it much really! Ok, tink it's about time for me to get my peaceful beauty sleep. Like finally... LATERS!!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ready, Set Go!

Oh gosh! its finally here. The shoot is like in a few hrs time. Shoot for Toni & Guy latest collection to be sent to London. HBT!?!? I tink we're like almost ready with the help of marykate who juz did a sample of the gal's eye makeup. So yea, we'll be at the academy at 10. These are the models.

From Left: Mel, Luke, Nad, Raliff & Tashah

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

ASH on fire!

OMG! i've found myself a new eyecandy apart from cole mohr. He's ASH STYMEST, Topman's poster boy. Total hot skinny andro model. Just look at his tattoos - orgasm. Ahhh!! i want him...

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Gosh, can't believe i'm starting a blog this late. I've been saying to myself not to have a blog so that i'd have my own privacy. For no reason, i tot of givin it a shot. Bet it's no harm done. Since i'm a newbie, i'll let u guys noe more about me.

Name: Luke
D.O.B: 25 Feb 1989
Age: 20
Occupation: Student/Dancer/Model
Status: Single
Height: 173cm
Weight: 55kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown

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